Monday Thoughts


I find it hard to think rationally through the filter of depression. I know what is right; I know what is Truth; I know what must be done. You know what, though? It doesn’t matter what I know. It just doesn’t work that way. I think knowing makes it harder because then I feel guilty. I’m so annoyed.
I am in the process of renewing my mind. It’s not easy, to say the least. The core to that is knowing who you are in Christ AND believing it. I am still in the “believing” stages and that is what makes fighting depressing so hard.
So, I have my sheets of paper around me to read to try and convince myself that the Truth is actually the Truth. If I ever have grandchildren, they will know from DAY 1 how loved they are by the True and Loving God so they don’t have to figure this out as an adult. So many of us just can’t grasp how true and how loved we are. Oh, Freedom….
Keep Trudging with me, Friends! I Loves you!

Author: Alexis

Codependent in Recovery, Extreme Introvert and Overthinker.... Loved By GOD!

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