Move It! NOT!

Oh man.  It is definitely not a move it, move it, move it kind of day!  It’s cold and windy out so the only place a person really wants to be is bed, right from the get go. BUT…I had to get up this morning to take my Dukey dog in for a grooming at 9am.  I decided to use this time to get my bloodwork done so that required fasting which I started at 8:30 last night.  I slept horribly ( as usual ) and wasn’t sure if I was able to take an advil so I didn’t.  ( RATS!  I forgot to ask the nurse this morning if I can next time ).  So…it is 1 pm and I am so just draggy to the core!  I have lots of dishes to do from last night still.  I guess a nap will have to be my reward for doing them.  Sweeping and mopping the floor will have to wait until tomorrow.  This is my life.  🙂  Boring…sometimes, but I like it, mostly.

Smile, even if you don’t feel like it!  I loves you!


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