Move It! NOT!

Oh man.  It is definitely not a move it, move it, move it kind of day!  It’s cold and windy out so the only place a person really wants to be is bed, right from the get go. BUT…I had to get up this morning to take my Dukey dog in for a grooming at 9am.  I decided to use this time to get my bloodwork done so that required fasting which I started at 8:30 last night.  I slept horribly ( as usual ) and wasn’t sure if I was able to take an advil so I didn’t.  ( RATS!  I forgot to ask the nurse this morning if I can next time ).  So…it is 1 pm and I am so just draggy to the core!  I have lots of dishes to do from last night still.  I guess a nap will have to be my reward for doing them.  Sweeping and mopping the floor will have to wait until tomorrow.  This is my life.  🙂  Boring…sometimes, but I like it, mostly.

Smile, even if you don’t feel like it!  I loves you!


Author: Lex

Extreme Introvert and Overthinker.... On a Self-Discovery journey. Depression and Anxiety do not define me.

2 thoughts on “Move It! NOT!”

  1. Arrrrr, I can’t get my second blog post to publish and show on the menu. Have been over and over and over it, even watched a couple of videos, not working. It’s there, it just isn’t showing. You seem to be having lots of sleep deprivation lately. I must admit that I’ve been taking Advil Nighttime when I can’t sleep past 3am, probably shouldn’t be but I really do get just so tired I can’t function. Hope you have a better night tonight.


    1. I had a problem with posting a feature picture yesterday on this blog post. I finally took it off because all I saw was a blank space. YET, when I went to my twitter and tumblr the picture was on those posts. Go figure!! Hopefully you can get it figured out today. It can be so frustrating when things aren’t working.

      Most nights I end up taking advil ( not night time ) for pain and that helps me sleep. I like to take a break from those though. I can only take one because anymore will leave me hungover the next day. I have never slept well but some nights are worse. Last night was better.


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