Day 10: 40 Day Grace Journey

via Day 10: Time to Grow Up!

Hi Friends.  Happy Saturday from Sunny Alberta.  I love to see the sun and by this time of year I so crave it.  It’s pretty normal here to feel that way though, we do have sunny days in the winter but it’s so dreary.  I guess it’s better than rainy gray days, though I know others would disagree.

I slept horribly last night, most likely due to a pop I had before bed with caffeine.  But…it will be a good day anyway because my oldest son and his girlfriend are coming for supper.  I love it when they come over.  We have such great visits.  I love being friends with my kids.

Enjoy today’s post from Mike.  It’s a good one.  I sure love how he describes his church.  If  I could find one around here than preached what he preaches….I’d go back to church in a heartbeat.

Have a great day friends!


Author: Lex

Extreme Introvert and Overthinker.... On a Self-Discovery journey. Depression and Anxiety do not define me.

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