Day 12: 40 Day Grace Journey

via Day 12: I Speak To You Children

Happy Monday friends!  I love this post today.  I like to have specifics and I find this one shares that.  The next few days will be great in that way.  My life has changed a lot since I was taught my identity in Christ.  I struggle with believing it sometimes and yet I know it’s the truth and I try to walk in that truth.  So often it’s easier for me to believe it of others than for myself.  Same with the forgiveness.  The concept/the truth that God has forgiven everyone  has many Christians calling people like me ( who believe this ) heretics.  I won’t get into more of this because one thing that I have learned is if you are  in a mindset that “your way is the only( perception) and best way” then you won’t listen to any other truths and ideas.  Christianity can be a very closed minded mentality.  Not tonnes of room for grace….at least that is the experience I have had and still have.

It’s hard to believe March starts this week.  I’m so looking forward to winter being over.  It’s been a cold one and I’m ready for milder weather.  For us though, living right across the street from a Bee farm, Spring brings slow moving bees looking for warmth so they like to hang out on our decks right around the doors.  It’s kind of annoying but gets better as the weather gets warmer and the bees get moved to their fields to make honey.  My oldest son is allergic to bee stings so that has always been a concern but this will be the first Spring that he isn’t living here so I’m glad he doesn’t have to worry about that.

I will end it at that.  Have a super day friends!  I hope you know how special and loved you are by God…right this moment and I pray you can find comfort in that truth.




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