This Could Be a Trigger ( Food Binging )

Ugh! I feel like crap! We just had supper. Spaghetti. Truth is, I really wasn’t hungry. I went on a food binge the 1/2 hour before supper. I feel so ashamed of myself and it makes me hate myself. As I’m binging, I know it isn’t right. Sometimes I can back off from it but sometimes it’s like it was today and nope, I kept on going. Now to treat myself kindly and move on from this. That’s easy enough. NOPE! When I feel the way I do atm, food is a place I will turn. Since I feel like shit, chances are I will beat myself up. But maybe I won’t this time. Maybe I will try and let it go. Maybe journaling about it will help. I have the tools, but in the moments, it’s so hard to put them into play. I forget them. This girl needs a tool box. Gonna make that a goal this month, start my mental health toolbox.


Author: Lex

Extreme Introvert and Overthinker.... On a Self-Discovery journey. Depression and Anxiety do not define me.

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