Day 26: Multiple Faces of me

This will be a totally fun post with few words.  I will post some pics from the app FaceApp.   One comment I will make is that it freaks me and my youngest son out how much  we look alike when I am in the “man mode” picture.  Also, my old self looks very much like I do now.  Excuse the picture.  It’s not a great picture of me but it makes it even funner.  🙂


Oh my GOSH!  Too funny!  The teeth ones are so funny.  My original picture is the top left one in the collage.  If you are looking for a good laugh, try this.

Have a super duper blessed day friend!  Smile big and if you don’t want to, use the FaceApp.  🙂  I loves you!

Day 7: What’s In My Purse?

20170406_214306From top left:  hand lotion, sugar blood tester, note pad, mints, garbage ( now in the garbage ).

Bottom left:  wallet, lipglosses and pens, coins.

I will leave it at that today!  Have a super duper blessed day friends!  I loves you!

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