Day 29: Do I Have Specific Blog Plans For May?

I actually do. It is more of a Gratitude thing though. I will share three things a day that I am grateful for ( I will call it The Joy Dare). I will be following a list that is based on the book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where you are written by Ann Voskamp. I will also link to her website that has the place where you can see her lists for the whole year or month by month.  I will post a graphic of the week ahead of time so you can follow along if you want.  I posted the first one today and will post it again May 1.  Actually, I will use it as my feature post all week.

What I like about this idea, is it challenges me to look for certain gifts. Ann calls them gifts. You can call them what you want. Some of them are straightforward and some of them you will have to look for or watch for. That is why I will post them in the evening, instead of the morning. I tried to post the April blogs in the morning.

So, in a way, it’s a little easier and yet different than blogging a topic every day. I am researching some blog ideas and have one coming out May 1 sharing the podcasts I listen to. Something I am planning to do personally is a kind of journal. It is made to be a 5-year journal and there are 365 questions to answer. I guess the point is after 5 years you can compare your answers. I haven’t looked through all the questions but I think it will be interesting. You can find that on my Pinterest. Go to my Writing section or else you can message me and I can send you a link. I think it looks pretty interesting and who knows, maybe some of the questions will be a blog idea. That’s what is in May and then, whatever else kind of inspiration hits me.

So, my hubby is away for the weekend and his dog is at home with me wearing the cone of shame. I thought I might have to take him to the vet this morning but I can’t see what the vet will tell me to do that I am not doing already except maybe give me expensive antibiotics…just in case. Unfortunately, the cone fell off last night so it looks pretty nasty but I think if I can stop him from scratching today it might be ok. I’m sure if dogs thought the same way our kids do when they are teenagers and mom is being overbearing and annoying, Massey is not having great thoughts today. He misses Wally pretty bad too so I’m sure he is depressed too.  20170428_163349

I love our Massey dog, but he has been way more high maintenance that I would like in a dog. I think I prefer little dogs over big ones and yet Wally wants to get more big ones. I have told him I would have nothing to do with any more big dogs. I guess we will see what happens. He is thinking about them for deterring people from coming in our yard to rob us. The crime is so bad right now in Rural Alberta. It’s nuts. I just don’t want any more dogs.

It’s a lovely day! The sun is shining and the snow is finally all gone. It’s kind of nice that Wally was able to get away with his brother this weekend. They went to visit their mom and siblings about 15 hours away. With it starting to finally be nice, once things dry up some the farmers will be going out and Wally will be busy doing small or big repairs. The only time he really gets a break from work is when he is away from home so the timing is so perfect. The rain and snow we have had the last few weeks have played into his plans good this weekend.

Last night my youngest son and I watched the first movie in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is called The Fellowship of the Rings and we watch the extended version so it was 208 minutes PLUS breaks. We will watch The Two Towers today and it is 223 minutes. The Return of the King is 251 minutes. I’m looking forward to them but when you include breaks onto the length, it gets to be a long time but it’s good. It is time well spend. My son LOVES those movies and so do I. I guess that is what we will do today or tonight. Wally is due home early Monday morning or something like that.

I guess that is long enough. Have a GREAT day friend. Don’t forget how amazing you are and just how loved you are! I loves you!

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