My Tribute to Judy: Toronto Blue Jays

I’ll admit I am not a baseball fan.  I have watched it when someone else had it on but I don’t follow it.  I much prefer hockey ( GO OILERS…WOOHOO).  BUT…this year I am going to follow the Toronto Blue Jays.  It will be sort of a tribute type thing to me.  A way for me to remember my friend, Judy, who passed away March 3 of cancer.  She was a HUGE Blue Jays fan.  So I may not be as huge of a fan as Judy was and I won’t even touch my mom and her love for the Jays but I will watch it ( ok I don’t have a TV).  I will remember the games we watched together while she was sick, and the lessons she taught me about baseball.

Judy…you have GREAT seats this year!  Love you my dear friend.  I will see you again.  ❤


GO JAYS GO!  I Loves you friends!

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